Melissa K. Wright Design

Home. There is no place like it! It is where you go to recharge. It’s where you’ll find your family. It should be your absolute happy place. It should be comfortable, functional, and beautiful all at the same time. For many, it’s incredibly hard to choose the right pieces of furniture, decor, rugs, art work, and window treatments that help create that soothing place of respite or a place that speaks to you and tells your story. I have been collaborating with clients for years to help them find the perfect balance between beauty and function. Do you need help pulling a room together? Have you just broken ground on your home and have no idea where to begin? Maybe you just want to refresh your existing home? If so, let me help you make your dream house dreams come true! Call 615.785.2528 today to schedule a consultation.

Furniture and Decor Selection

From selecting furniture pieces and decor that represent your taste, to placing them perfectly into the space, let me help you create a one-of-a-kind look that tells your story!

Paint and Home Finishes Selection

Whether you are starting a brand-new build or renovating an existing home, I can work with you and your contractor to ensure you are happy with every single choice. No detail is left out – from paint, tile, hardware, and flooring, to where your electrical outlets need to be placed.

Seasonal and Holiday Decorating

Would you like a clean new look with each season of the year? I can select decor that will seamlessly transition your home quarterly. In addition, if you want to WOW your guests at the holidays, but don’t want the stress that comes with it, let me decorate your home for you.

It’s the Perfect Fit

Many clients ask me, “What is your signature style?” My answer is always the same… “It’s helping you find yours.” I pride myself on listening to my customers and creating unique designs that speak to their tastes. You can see this clearly in my portfolio. I have done designs that are considered modern, farmhouse, French-country, bohemian, eclectic, you name it. However, the trick is not to let a house look “themed,” but rather implement the styles my clients crave with a bit of their individual personalities reflected in each space. This is what truly makes a home. It’s all in the details that create a perfect fit!

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