The perfect recipe for styling your home.

What does an onion, a piece of plywood, and the movie The Family Stone have in common? LAYERS! I know that is a super weird intro to a blog about home design, but let me explain.

I have written before that I truly have an eye for detail. So much so that it can literally drive me insane. However, when I get lost in a good movie (or even a commercial, for that matter) my eye goes to the silent actors in the room… the furniture, the art on the walls, even the floors and lighting. To me, they all take part in telling the story. For instance, in The Family Stone, you have this coming together of a family at the holidays. They all meet up at their childhood home, but now they are adults. The home reflects the layers of their life – from the family photos on the wall, to the trophies on the bookcase, all the way to the almost untouched childhood bedrooms of the character’s youth. You can see how they adored wallpaper at one time (and what do you know, it has come back around again)! The six-inch wide wooden floor planks are worn by years of coming and going by family and friends in the entrance hall, and all of the cooking and meal sharing in the kitchen can be seen by the marks on the farmhouse table. Every inch of the home tells the story of this family’s life. The home is a beautiful character that never utters a word, but the audience can feel its presence. How powerful is that? This is what I aspire to achieve not only in my own home, but also with my clients and their homes.

So what is the recipe for having a perfectly styled home? Thankfully the answer is there is no one set way to do this. My stock advice will always be: Let your home tell your story. Carefully select things you absolutely love and bring you joy. Layer away! Different textiles and metals can be mixed. Mid-century modern furniture will look fresh when mingled in with some rustic pieces. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful designer home. All it takes is a little time to move things around and experiment. The old dresser your great-aunt gave you can look brand new and modern if you paint it or apply some wall paper to the front facings. Changing out a light fixture can literally shed new light and style in any room. PAINT is your friend and can be the quick update you always wanted. Experiment. Layer. Love where you live. These are the words to live by. Aspire to make your home a beautiful character.