The Details on this GORGEOUS Dining Room!

I have been blessed with the perfect clients. They are sweet, funny, and have allowed me to help them select almost every stitch of décor and furniture for their amazing new home. We started with a meeting back in February of this year and I was totally excited to find out that the house was literally just concrete and studs.

I won’t lie and say I wasn’t overwhelmed at the thought of making BIG design decisions for this 22 room spectacular. But I was reminded by a dear friend of an old adage that always rings true…. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That saying has helped keep me focused as we made each design choice, from each light fixture to each piece of furniture. It has been my total pleasure to see this house become a home.

So I decided I should blog about each room and share with you the details. Even though we still have tons of projects left, I wanted to begin with the dining room. It all started with a gorgeous farmhouse table. My clients are Scott and Jennifer. His taste leans toward modern and hers is very Joanna, so it was my job to help them see how we could combine the two and find industrial elements to help create a one-of-a- kind look.  I created a design board for the formal dining room and the first thing we decided was the gorgeous Pengrove Dining Table from Wayfair was a must. From there, cream tufted Pompon side chairs for the guests, and the same chair for the host and hostess, but in grey, were purchased. Finally, we all agreed the Weston 6 light chandelier would do the trick for overhead lighting and voilà, the bones of the dining room were complete!  That was the easy part.

Deciding on a sideboard and wall sconces to flank each side of an arched piece of glass that looks into the wine cellar… that took a  bit more time. Scott and Jen found a gorgeous piece in Savannah that would serve as the sideboard and it just so happened to have round gold handles. I instantly fell in love and new we needed some dark paint for the arched niches on either side of the piece and add gold wall sconces. And that’s just what we did! (The paint color for the niches is Storm Cloud by Sherwin Williams and the Mid-Century Retro Wall Sconces can be found at Shades of Light).  Jen found a fabulous gold mirror we had originally decided for the guest bath, but it ended up looking amazing when paired with the sconces and sideboard, so up it went.

Décor for the table and sideboard was easy – I wanted to keep a modern feel, so three gold trays host sets of three metallic candle holders that trail down the center of the table. The décor is low enough to not need to be removed during dinner parties and we can have the candle holders refilled with soy based candles from 7th Apothecary in Tampa each season. For the side board, I popped in a blue bowl with a gold base and Scott added a collection of beloved wine corks. To the right of that, a modern gold decorative sits a top a leather bound wine journal for commenting on those great bottles this couple will surely enjoy with family and friends.

I cannot tell you how much I adore this space, but knowing the fun memories that will be created here just makes my heart happy!