My Take on the Future of Interior Design

HGTV. Magnolia. Southern Living. This Old House. Coastal Living. In Style. Instagram. Pinterest. This is my current situation. All of these magazines are neatly stacked on my bed side table, along with my iPhone for nightly check-ins on social media. I, like you, am inundated with all the visual interior design eye-candy my brain can handle. Home Design is having a continued moment and inspiration is EVERYWHERE thanks to social media, DIY television, and online vendors like Wayfair, Joss & Main, and Houzz. How will our insta-gratification, Amazon Prime two- day delivery, DIY, high-tech world change the future of design? Here is what I think….


From Omniscient Lead Designer to Collaborator –

Interior Designers are no longer the ONLY source to consider when home owners start thinking about changing paint colors, selecting new furniture, or knocking out that wall that closes the kitchen off from the living room. Gone are the days of a client having “no clue” about what they want in terms of style or a change. I definitely credit our social media frenzied world… AND it is not a bad thing. Back in the day, interior designers would meet with a client, ask a few questions, measure spaces, make all of the choices and purchases, do the installation, and send a bill. Today’s consumer is a lot savvier. A LOT.

Now a home owner can scroll through their feed, get inspired, research, pin, and watch DIY videos on practically any design topic thanks to Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and YouTube. So where does that leave interior designers and home stylists? That’s easy! In my opinion, our job has always been to inspire others using our own creativity. It is our job to help our clients find the style that tells THEIR story. We help them figure out what looks they adore so they can love where they live. And we do this through collaboration.


How it Works – 

I still meet with clients in person (unless they are out of state and we FaceTime). I still ask a zillion questions. I still measure spaces. I still create concept boards, BUT I present them using platforms where my client can comment and pin his or her own ideas after seeing mine. I am the spring board. I help pull it all together. I answer questions about furniture placement and contrasting colors and what décor will compliment a space. I still go shopping, but now I ask my client to come along. I am still there on installation day, but as a collaborator with lots of experience. I don’t pull the trigger on purchases, my clients do. My job is to help clients find their own personal style and layer in trends they like, knowing they can easily be replaced later. It is total team work. I form an alliance with my clients and it works like magic.

Embracing the Future –

Collaborator. Design Advice Giver. The Woman with an Eye. The Problem Solver. Partner. Therapist. Inspiration Creator. Cheerleader. Budget Keeper.   I can confidently say these are my titles. I love the thought of marrying the ideas of consumer and stylist to produce beautiful spaces everyone can enjoy. This is what makes me happy.  This is the future of interior design.

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