Let your home tell your story.

I am a self-proclaimed lover of all things design. My eyes literally seek out the art in everyday living! If you think about it, art is EVERYWHERE… from the way you stack your books on your nightstand, to the way the light dances off of your glass of wine. You can find joy in aesthetics, and your home should not only be aesthetically pleasing, it should also tell your story.

What I mean by that is, you should fill your home with items that you LOVE… that tell a story. That tell YOUR story. They should reflect the colors that are soothing to you, or the décor that reminds you of that amazing vacation you took with your family, or remind you of the town you grew up in, or give a nod to the town you live in now. Or better yet, a blending of all of those things! All too many times my clients think of their homes as… dare I write it… THEMED. “I want a beach look,” or “I LOVE Joanna Gaines! Please let’s do shabby chic + Farmhouse.”

Luckily I believe there is no right or wrong way to style your home as long as YOU love it, BUT… and this is a BIG BUT, I prefer a mixed eclectic home that screams REAL PEOPLE LIVE HERE! I prefer a home that lets everyone know these items were carefully selected to make us (and you) feel comfortable and remind us to live in the present, appreciate our surroundings, and never take anything for granted. I prefer a place that sends the message: This house is our home.

You can have your farmhouse look and all the grey paint with white shiplap you can find, but a real home is one where you can mix trends with those family heirlooms, and even add a few modern pieces to achieve your own individual look.

Need help getting your home to tell your story? I know a girl who can help.