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By Melissa Wright

Love Your Laundry Room

Sort. Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat. Unless you have a live-in laundress or use a laundromat on the daily, you probably spend a good amount of time in your laundry room. Some of us are blessed to have an entire room to use to complete this task, while others of us may be relegated to a closet-sized space. Your laundry may be never-ending, but the place where you perform this chore (no matter what the size

By Melissa Wright

The Power of Wallpaper!

It's still trending, people...and I could not be happier! I adore wallpaper and I don't care who knows! It is the perfect way to layer in a little of your personality into a space. It can add texture, movement, and a ton of interest. And the BEST part? It's so easy to do. If you wallpapered in the 80's or 90's, you will be happy to know that many wall coverings come pre-pasted now. All

By Melissa Wright

My Thanksgiving Dining Area Refresh!

  What is it about the upcoming holidays that makes me want to jazz up my dining area? Is it because we linger a little longer around the table with our loved ones during the shorter days? Maybe it is knowing that I will soon have family and friends joining us to eat, drink, and be thankful and merry. Whatever the reason, I have put together a full-proof way to give my eat-in nook a little Thanksgiving love!