Great advice: Take your sweet time when styling your house!

Want some great home styling advice? Here’s a total jewel: SLOW DOWN. This advice applies to most things in life. We live in such a fast paced, “I WANT IT YESTERDAY” world that when it comes to building a new house, renovating an existing home, or just decorating your space, you may rush through because that is how you are conditioned. However, my advice is SLOW DOWN. Take a breath. Today’s trends may not be what you love in two years and wouldn’t you hate it if you spent a ton of money on that shiplap wall only to detest it a little bit down the road? (P.S. I am not against shiplap, and if it’s your thing, by all means – pull the trigger). But my advice today is enjoy the ride of home designing and home styling. Go to your local flea markets or shop locally and find that special something that speaks to you. Read blogs, chat with different designers, peruse Pinterest and really hone in on what makes you happy. But don’t rush it.

I have been in more houses than I care to count that physically look like someone watched HGTV at different periods in their life and added a bit of this and a bit of that – to the point that the house looks disorganized and chunky. Don’t make the same costly mistake. Really think about how any design work or new styling will work from an aesthetic standpoint to a functional one too. You don’t have to style your new home in a day. You know what they say about Rome. Take your time. Finish one project at a time and for heaven’s sake, if you need a sounding board or someone to create idea boards for you, reach out to me and let’s set up a time to chat!